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. hi, i am seuss seuss, welcome to the -- susan sikora. welcome to the show. we have kcs radio film critique here, our special film critique. the os cores are coming up, so, she is her to fill us in. i was looking at my top ten and thinking a lot of the ones i like are nominated. usually that never happens. >> nine movies are good. it gives studios a chance to be
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nominated and independent movie, little ones you would not think you will see up there. so, i really liked the sessions. that is up. and my favorite movie offer the year is "argo." i raved about it the minute i saw it and now it has a very good chance to win. >> and the southern wild? >> yes. that is an independent movie with the youngest actress ever to be nominated for an award. if she wins she will be a one name star in hollywood. >> and someone will have to field her over. >> i think she will win. one thing that makes this year so exciting is the politics involved. often wednesday of them is jessica chastain of zero dark 30. and of course "argo" has that kind of politics. then the politics of mental health. that is one of the reasons that "silver linings playbooks" is
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so popular. people are stopping me in the streets and tell me things. they tell me they know somebody with bipolar and that movie sewed someone in their family or maybe themselves. so, it is a movie people really relate to. >> it is interesting at a time when we are still having a tough time economically and everything people still go to movies for an escape. it seems the content of these films is stuff that is very serious. >> yes. we negative time that is are so radical and unusual, the killing of osama bin laden, getting people out of iraq. these are serious things. and then you have life of pi that speaks to us on a spiritual level. i am excite thrilled that movie has nominations. >> let's get to the ones we are here to talk about today. first of all lincoln.
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he has warned the two factions of congress, he wants to get slavery abolished. it has been used as maybe a model for our own president having problem with partisan issues. >> yes that, is right. >> let's take a look at lincoln here... . >> she is so good, she really is. >> and so is tommy lee jones. >> and everything i ever read about mary todd lincoln is in the movie.
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it makes people want to look it up and get educated about lincoln. that by itself is enough to thank the academy. >> and daniel-day lewis is up for a best actor. >> yes. >> 12 nominations in thfilm. >> yes. and "argo" is about the plot to get not the hostages persave but the people in the embassy out of iran. you will like this one. >> yes. it goes quickly. it is not one of those long movies. you get emotionally connected and excited. what could be better than that? >> okay. let's take a look at "argo"...
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. >> i saw this yesterday and i knew the outcome coming in and it still had my blood pressure sky high. >> it is good directing. >> it is unbelievable that he is not nominated, ben affleck. in a movie, how does the directing vary? >> i can tell you. it is the director's mission. the director decides how it will look, how bit had edited
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and cast. >> this shot comes up with the editor? >> absolutely. it is amazing to me he isn't nominated. that is how it goes. for best actor, you were mentioning best actor, lincoln. i am hoping, i can't help for lei, because -- leis leis, not just because difficult a gí z 6 "les misirables", not just because of hugh jackman, but because of anne hathaway. take a look...
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. >> oh, boy, she has come a long way since the devil wears
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prada, and she can sing! >> and she can sing. tom hooper is not nominated, like ben affleck, not nominated, and katherine bigelow, not nominated. anyway, he did an amazing job, tom hooper, who gave us the king's speech last year. he did it where the people had to sing live. it is quite an amazing performance and film. >> okay. stay with us. we will take a few more films to the desk. don't go anywhere. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back. we are here with film critique january wall. >> the fact people are seeing movies they have not seen rimes us of the importance of the
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oscars. >> yes. you still have a week to crunch in and get to the movies? >> yes. >> and some are available on dvd, netflix, hulu, on demand, that kind of thing. >> yes. there are very good ones and you don't have to know too much ahead of time. >> "silver linings playbook" seems like a smaller story than the things we have seen before. >> it didn't make my top ten. i was hoping the best exotic mare i gold hotel would be dominated, a lot of good ones did not get nominated, but silver linings is good but i had issues with the back end of it.
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>> let's take a look at "silver linings playbook." >> it is 4:00 in the morning, pat. >> and he does, he survives the war after getting blown up. he survives it and escape to switzerland with katherine. you think he ends it there? no, she die, dad. i mean the world is hard enough as it is. can somebody say let's be positive, have a good ending to the story. >> pat, you owe us an apologize. >> mom, i can't apologize. i am not going to apologize for this. you know what i will do, i will apologize on behalf of earnest hemingway because that is who is to blame here. have ernest hemingway call us and apologize to us, too! >> i love robert de niro.
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he embraces the audience. >> yes. people are crazy for de niro. >> yes. >> and life of pi. i didn't see this. i live with two cats so i don't know about being on a large boat with a large cat for a very long time would be a lot. >> yes. if you could see it in 3-d 3-d it is really something special. >> i think it is still out there. >> absolutely. >> what is it about? >> it is great. it is about a zoo in india that decides to move itself to
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canada. it is political problems, a small boat, a 16-year-old boy and a tiger. >> all right. let's take a look at life of pi. . >> my name is pi. i have been in a shipwreck. i am on a lifeboat alone with a tiger. please send help. [ snoring ]
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. >> it is so beautiful. it takestous a place we would not -- it takes us to a place we would not go to normally. it leaves you feeling you have been on a spiritual quest. that is ang lee. what a director he is. >> do you think they have a chance? >> no, i don't. but that is the oscars. >> i think this is "argo's" year, zero dark thirtiy and lincoln. >> all right. let me get your thoughts on the ones we did not automatic about. pieces of southern wild, the little girl. >> right. >> and it is a beautiful film. >> and it is inspired by but not the story of katrina. >> you get a feeling of what it must have been like in katrina cause they go through that kind of tragedy, but it is just a beautiful movie to
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watch. >> and zero dark thirtiy. is that what happened with osama bin laden, and it shows the cia dog water board torturing. it makes you stimulated and talked about but that last hour is really something special. >> to two more. "amour" and django unchained. >> yes. that is not my favorite film, "amour." >> it sounds depressing. >> i believe it is. >> and django unchained? >> it is one of his very best
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films even though there is a lot of blood and guts. i think there is a good chance for supporting actor there. >> jan wall, thank you for being with us. you can certainly catch the oscar on sunday, february 24th and camp jan wall on kcbs radio on her reviews. >> sure! >> i love you. if jan likes it, i am going! >> up next, maybe you have a film in you. it make money for you? and have when we return.
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. welcome back, we are in movie mode here today. we have the author of inside facts for independent film makers here. welcome! >> thank you. it is good to be here. >> you are talking dollars and cents? >> you have to mow your audience and know there is an audience waiting for you so you can profit. there are 10,000 movies made in the u.s. each year, but only 5% get out to audiences. the other 95% don't even get seen, not even on netflix. >> wow! >> well, are indy films changing? are they going the way of bigger pictures once they get that kind of attention? >> it is very common for people who start directing indy films and leap up and lead very big
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films. look at christopher knowles and -- nolan and the batman movies. >> so, is it like these are had great stories i will make and now i am making big money so i will write the junk because that is what sells? >> well, i would not necessarily say that. >> did sundance film festival change the game? >> sun dance film festival is the ground zero fountain head of independent movies in the united states. it has been around for 30 years and you can really trace the birth of independence films and the widespread acceptance by americans. >> let's go back to where we started. i am thinking a lot of people who want to make a film have vision, maybe they are brilliant and really, really talented, but the business side not so much. >> it could be a problem. >> yes.
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so, if you are going to make a film and you think you have a good one and you met a lot of young film makers who say what do i do now to get it out there, how does this work? >> of course they should read my book but what they have to do is think about if there is an audience for the movie, can they prove to distributor that is there will be an audience for movies. >> how do they know that? >> they look at other movies similar to yours that had an audience. if there are none, you should probably make another movie. >> you should imitate? >> i am not saying imitate, blue are genres, and you want to make a movie audiences will go toward because then you can get it financed. >> okay. and terms if finding out if people will see it besides that, is there any value to taking to social media,
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twittering and facebook be people saying is there a movie island like to see? >> your friends will not tell you honestly, but the people who distribute movies have gotten good as using social media platforms to build audiences. >> all right. and you said you need to think like a buyer. you need three. the finance person, the distributor person and the audience. i am guessing the finance pattern is first. how much does it cost in general to make an independent film, a little film with a nice little story that is not that long? >> the "beasts of the southern wild" was made for under $2 million, but some were made for $250,000 and they were also terrific. >> those numbers sound better than what "les misirables" cost. >> yes. >> so, if you are a small -- if you are a pattern who has never done this and you are doing your first, where do i
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start looking for $250,000. >> you start with friends and family. >> a group finance kind of thing and you may be able to start with a financier if you can come up with a great script with really good actors that you can show will be a terrific movie. >> how do i get really good actors. where do i go? i have a friend acting or taking lessons, but where do i go if i don't have that? >> well, if you don't have friends, your spouse, parent, kids because you know them. you cast people who could become stars the way zooey deschanel wasn't a star when she made 500 days of summer, but she is a star now. >> then would you make a deal saying once this is made you can have a copy for your resume? >> of course. >> and financiers, whether they are giving you a thousand
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dollars or a million dollars, let's say you are lucky enough to get that, how do you say i want artistic control, i am the writer, producer, this is my baby. >> you are going to say that. but by the time you get distribution, the distribution company will say we have final cut because they have to feel as though they can get their money back. >> i think this reads nicely. it is called inside track for independent film makers. adam, thank you for being here. if you want to raise money for the bay area hiv/aids organizations, you can go to bow tie and bubblies tonight at 7:00. i am susan sikora, thank you for watching.

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